Love Off the Grid Season 1 Episode 1 – Episode 2

Discovery+’s latest dating show Love Off the Grid has a new trailer that’s out now–and it looks wild. Can these city folk adjust and find love?
What is ‘Love Off the Grid’ all about? Release date, couples and more about Discovery+ show.

Love Off the Grid
Starring: Charlie, Josh, Angela
Genres: Unscripted

Discover how four city-dwellers give up their homes to pursue love in the wilderness.

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  1. Will They or Won’t They?
    Four city-dwellers leave the comforts of home for a chance at love in the wilderness. Beach-loving Jen gives up Botox and spa treatments for mountain man Charlie and party boy Josh must survive 120º temperatures in the Mojave to be with Angela.
  2. Shacking Up
    Living off-grid gets real for the city slickers. Charlie pushes Jen to prove her commitment to living on the mountain in a shack, Spence struggles with jealousy over Lyndsay’s past relationships, and Josh and Angela turn the heat up in the desert.

What to expect from the new show.

Love Off the Grid – The couples will help their urban partners adjust to life in the wild where they will have no modern luxuries, from air conditioning to indoor plumbing. The preview showed one participant bathing outside, while another has hunted frogs for dinner.